iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5 Case Compatibility

Are all iPhone 5 cases compatible with the iPhone 5s?

The short answer is mostly.

Aside from the new colours and internal upgrades, there are only two physical differences to consider. The first one is the new home button (with the finger print scanner). Since it remains exactly the same size, it doesn’t affect case compatibility most of the time, however there are a small number of cases that cover the home button so they had to be redesigned for the 5s (such as the ones from LifeProof).

The second change is the camera flash on the back of the phone – the iPhone 5s features a taller, pill shaped flash whereas the iPhone 5 features a smaller circle one, see below:

As a result, a very small number of iPhone 5 cases are no longer compatible with the iPhone 5s, such as the one below:

To make sure you receive the right case, the CaseOn team has reviewed every case in our range to ensure 100% compatibility! Every case in our iPhone 5s category is guaranteed to work with the iPhone 5s.

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iPhone 5 announced

It’s here, the iPhone 5.

…and it’ll be available next Friday! (yup that’s here in Australia, not just the US)

What’s new about it? It features a longer 4 inch, 16:9 panoramic screen (while maintaining the same width as the iPhone 4), encased in a unibody aluminium frame. It’ll be 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter.

It also features lighting fast LTE so you can surf the web with even more speed (more information here: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/12/apple-iphone-5-lte).

Other changes include a new reversible dock connector, which marks the first time this has been redesigned since the original iPhone. If you’re worried about all your existing accessories, docs, speakers…don’t fret, Apple will be releasing a new dock adapter for $35.

And perhaps my most anticipated feature is FaceTime over cellular! I’ve wanted to see this ever since I got hold of my iPhone 4. Oh, and it’ll include their redesigned, noise cancelling earphones called “EarPods”. Nice:)

Anyway if you want to learn more, here are some useful links to get you going:

In-depth look: http://gizmodo.com/5942588/apple-iphone-5-everything-you-need-to-know

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/12/iphone-5-whats-changed

iPhone 5 vs The World: http://gizmodo.com/5942570/how-the-iphone-5-stacks-up-to-the-competition

Oh yes…and there’s more:)

There’s a new iPod nano. It’s 38% thinner, features a multi-touch screen, FM tuner, built-in pedometer…and looks like a tiny iPhone.

And finally, a new iPod Touch too. It’s a total upgrade: it features the same 4″ display as the iPhone 5, and it’s thinner, lighter, faster, and has a better battery and camera, as well as Siri!

At CaseOn we plan on having the biggest selection of cases for the
iPhone 5, iPod Nano and iPod Touch from all the biggest brands. Stay

Dear Sir/Madam…

We received an email today, and the first words were “Dear Sir/Madam…”

Now this might not mean much to most people, but anyone that works for an online business will tell you a day doesn’t go by without your inbox being flooded by suppliers and distributors from all sorts of mysterious overseas locations. Half of them are probably scammers, but I guess I’ll never know. To cut a long story short, their emails almost always begin with “Dear Sir/Madam…”

…so upon seeing this, I immediately ignored it, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed it was a ‘regular’ email. Sure enough, it was a real customer!

We receive thousands of real emails but this is the first I had ever been addressed like this, legitimately anyway. It’s so rare to be addressed like this these days, I guess it’s kind of nice when you think about it…:)

Anyway I ended up scanning back through hundreds of emails from over the last few months, paranoid that we may have ignored other legitimate emails like this but we luckily we didn’t. Most customers are usually very casual, and begin their emails with a “Hi there”, or a “Hey”. I think I like it better this way:)

Newsletter: Loyalty points reminder

Just a reminder that you may have unused credit on your account! You would have earned $1 for every $10 spent on our site.

Christmas shopping made easier, huh?:)

To use these points, simply log into your account by clicking “Your Account” on the top right hand corner of our website. Then click on “My loyalty points” on the left.

Your account password would have been emailed to you on your first order.

Screen protectors + dust underneath = sad face, learn how to avoid this

Have you ever applied a screen protector, only to get dust caught underneath? It’s irritating…not only because you’ll now need to stare at it every time you look at your screen, but also because of how CRAZY difficult it is to prevent from happening in the first place!

If your place is anything like mine, dust is unavoidable…or so you think:)

Here’s a cool tip I picked up a few years ago.

Turn on your shower, close all the windows and doors, and leave the shower running for a minute or two, allowing the steam to build up. The steam helps to “pull” down any surrounding dust particles.

And *ta da!*…just like that, you can apply the screen protector without worrying about dust infiltrating your plans!

(and hey, make sure it’s not too steamy in there…not good for the gadgets:)